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About Our Company

Zagar Consulting Inc. is a unique consulting firm with a turnkey model that offers a broad range of services from site selection and start-up operations through design and operational project management.

Our team has a proven track record from many years serving in such business sectors as life science, healthcare, academic, alternative energy, arena operations, technology and consumable goods.


Facilities and Real Estate Project Executive

Gordon Zagar has over twenty five years combined experience in facilities operations, real estate optimization and project management; holding previous positions such as, Director of Facilities, and Director of Operations and Bio/Pharma Projects. With the ability to focus on big picture issues, he has significant skills and technical abilities in facilities and operations management, budget planning and financial analysis, real estate negotiation, complex problem solving, contract administration, cost control and strategic planning. He has additional experience and expertise in Facilities Management and Global Operational Multi-Site Planning for past Life Science/Device companies such as Amgen, Genentech, XenoPort, Dynavax, and Nektar. Gordon is currently an advisory ambassador on the California Technology Counsel.

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